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Sheer shades are perfect if you want an elegant look that bathes rooms in soft, relaxing light. Sheer horizontal shades are a great option for diffused light from the outside and to enjoy the view. They soften up the light that enters any room in your home and look quite modern.

You can increase your privacy by pulling the cord to rotate the vane closed. This contemporary-style shade includes two layers of sheer fabric with a fabric vane in between. You can open the shade panels during the day for a veiled view of the outside, and close them at night for privacy.

Enjoy the benefits of remote control options, a compact and sleek design for clean lines and the superior light diffusing properties of sheer shades.


The sheers and shadings offered at Incredible Windows prioritize privacy and complete light control. This collection of window treatments from Hunter Douglas are offered in an impressive set of colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes including white sheers and luxurious satin. The sheers and shadings are made to awe and impress. The color and material of these sheers and shadings are made to ensure that your home will look timeless, elegant, and modern. Silhouettes transform light in your home. The benefits that come with the sheers and shadings ensure that your window treatments look great and perform well.

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This collection features two sheer fabrics separated by an s-shaped design. This unique and innovative design allows you a higher level of light control. These s-shaped vanes magically float between two panels of sheer fabric. This means that you can achieve the ultimate view while maintaining your privacy. These sheers also prevent harmful UV Rays from destroying furniture and floors. These shades can be operated in a variety of ways including PowerView® Automation, LiteRise®, and SoftTouch™. This selection of operating methods means that you will have a greater level of control over the presentation of your window treatments. This collection is stunning with its many designs and colors that allow you to fully customize your window treatments.


The Pirouette® window treatment allows you to have an unobstructed view while maintaining your privacy. This is because of the c-shaped vanes that are attached to a single sheer cut of fabric. This construction means the vane diffuses up to 81% of harmful UV Rays and light. The Pirouette® window treatment combined the ultimate level of light and privacy control. The sheer fabric the vanes are attached to means that it is much harder to see in than it is to see out. And with a wide array of designs and collections you can boost the appeal of any room with Pirouette® window treatments anywhere between natural and luxurious satin. There are numerous options for fabrics, design, and operation systems that you will discover stunning sheers and shadings solution in this collection that are sure to fit your style.


The Luminette window treatment provides the ultimate level of light and privacy control. Your precise control is complimented further as the vanes are designed to allow you to tilt your vanes 180 degrees. The sheer panel the vanes are attached to provides the ability to diffuse harsh sunlight into soft light. This makes these shades perfect for sliding glass doors, wide windows, and many other vertical options. This treatment offers three distinct operating methods. This includes wands to replace dangerous cords and PowerView® Automation to remove all the hassle of opening and closing your sheers and shades. The ability to customize your sheers and shadings means that you have the ultimate ability to fully complete any room by matching décor, walls, and/or furniture.

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