Plantation Shutters

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For many interior design applications, custom shutters provide a traditional, impressive element that can be referred to as wood, faux wood, or interior shutters. It is no secret that plantation shutters are beautiful on the inside and out. Whether they are closed or open, they provide a wealth of benefits for homeowners who choose them for their window coverings. Swinging open the shutter panels gives you an unobstructed view outside, or you can tilt the slats for filtered light without the heat and glare inside.

A tier-on -tier shutter is one that includes two sets of shutters. The shutters are hung in two rows. The top shutters can be open while the bottom shutters are closed for some light and privacy.

The café style shutter is similar to tier -on-tier shutters, but it allows more light into the room than two sets of shutters do. They are installed at half the height of an entire window at the bottom. They originated in quaint cafés where customers could have privacy while letting light in.

At Incredible Windows, we offer Hunter Douglas line of shutters including Heritance Hardwood, NewStyle Hybrid and Palm Beach Polysatin shutters which are all hand-crafted.

Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters

You have many different choices and options when you choose indoor plantation shutters. The main types of materials they are made from include hardwood, faux wood or composite, and vinyl. Hardwood has an unsurpassed beauty, with the delicate wood grain whorls and swirls that are accented by your color choice of paint or stain. You can choose customizable colors, so your classic style shines bright.

Composite or faux wood shutters are man-made to look identical to real wood shutters, but they are available at a lower price point. They are made to withstand warping, bending, bowing, breaking, and discoloring, making them a great choice for areas with high heat and humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Vinyl shutters can stand up to extreme heat and humid climates as well. They are made from UV-resistant Poly Satin material that is very durable and long-lasting, and they are water-resistant as well. The premium line of Hunter Douglas high-quality shutters includes Heritance hardwood shutters, NewStyle hybrid shutters, and Palm Beach Polysatin shutters.

Enjoy timeless appeal, premier craftsmanship, and long-lasting finishes with the Hunter Douglas collection of premium interior shutters.

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Genuine Hardwood and a Lasting Finish

The HERITANCE® WOOD SHUTTERS is made of 100% authentic basswood or poplar hardwood, both of which are rapidly renewable. The  Integra Finish is a multi-coat process that creates a high luster and long-lasting durability, requiring minimal maintenance.

Superior Craftsmanship

With Truemill® dovetail construction, panels are held together with an exceptionally strong and structurally sound bond because components are tightly interlocked. Alternative methods are used by competitors, such as standard dowel construction, which uses glue instead.

Endless Color Possibilities

A wide range of paint and stain colors is available, or you can choose a color that matches your existing décor. We can color-match your shutters to the color of your flooring, cabinets, bookshelves, or any other item you wish to tie your room in together.


The Best of Both Worlds: Real Wood and Durability

It’s easy to enjoy the richness of wooden plantation shutters without worrying about their deterioration due to the weather and time. With NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters, you can maintain the beauty of real wood with modern, advanced materials that will keep your shutters looking like new for years to come.

Perfect For Specialty Shapes

NewStyle shutters are available in a wide range of special shapes, including arches, angles, circles, and more. No matter what shape or size your windows are, these custom shutters will fit perfectly.

Choices in Slat Sizes

You can choose from three slat sizes of 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches or 4.5 inches for a perfect view outside when the slats are open. Most homeowners enjoy the wider slats for a more unobstructed view outdoors.


Beautiful and Durable

The UV-resistant Polysatin material allows plantation shutters to resist warping, cracking, fading, chipping, and peeling even in intense sunlight with the classic look of plantation shutters that are backed by the Palm Beach Promise.

Beautiful Finishes

The PALM BEACH™ POLYSATIN™ SHUTTERS feature a DuraLux finish that creates the appearance of finely painted shutters with a matte finish to stand up to heat and humidity and retain their integrity.

Control Options

Choose from three convenient control options of a traditional front tilt bar for the classic appearance, a hidden tilt bar or a bi-fold track system.

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