Choosing summer window treatments and winter window coverings can be challenging in Middleton, where the weather varies dramatically across the seasons. As the seasons change, so too should your window treatments to maximize comfort, efficiency, and style in your home. The right window treatments can help insulate your home, block damaging UV rays, protect privacy, and complement your décor through all types of weather.

Benefits of Seasonal Window Treatments

Adapting your window treatments between seasons has many important benefits:

  • Insulation and Temperature Control
  • Blocking Sun and UV Rays
  • Privacy
  • Enhanced Style and Decor
  • Energy Efficiency

Read on to learn more about how adjusting your window coverings can help you stay comfortable and stylish every season.

Roman shades | summer window treatments

Keeping Cool in Summer

The warm summer months can heat up your home, so lightweight, breezy window treatments are key for keeping cool.

Block Sunlight

Close tightly woven solar shade blinds and blackout curtains during the day to prevent intense sunlight and UV rays from overheating your home. Keep top-down shades lowered from the top for privacy while still enabling refreshing breezes.

Allow Ventilation

Replace heavier fabrics with breezy, linen, or cotton curtains and Roman shades to enable cross ventilation. Open cellular shades and adjustable slat blinds also allow for good airflow. Keep windows bare at night to let cooler air circulate.

Light, Bright Decor

The airy, relaxed feeling of homes in the summer deserves equally breezy window treatments. Bright whites, nautical stripes, and watercolor floral prints complement the cheerful, laid-back mood of summer décor updates.

Warming Up in Winter

Cellular Shade - Incredible Windows

The winter months in Wisconsin can get quite cold. The right window treatments can provide extra insulation and protect your space from icy drafts.


Thick insulating curtains and blackout shades act as an extra barrier over windows to prevent precious warm air from escaping outside. Close cellular shades, insulated Roman shades, and lined curtains at night and during cold spells to create an effective insulation layer.

Prevent Drafts

Make sure your window treatments form a snug seal over the window frame to seal out biting drafts. Curtains and drapes should be firmly mounted and fully extended to the floor, while shades and blinds should be properly measured and installed. Meanwhile, draft stoppers and sealants provide additional protection.

Complement Decor

The darker tones and rich textures of winter window treatments like velvet drapes, faux fur curtains, and wooden blinds add warmth and coziness to cold-weather décor. Update your look with each new season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get additional answers to the most common questions about seasonal window treatments.

Most high-quality window treatments tailored to the size of your windows should last 3-5 years with proper care. Thinner or decorative coverings may need replacement more frequently. Look for signs of damage, discoloration, broken components, or decreased functionality, and be prepared to replace window treatments as needed over time.

Cellular shades are generally considered the most energy-efficient option. Cellular shades can be fabric or vinyl and are constructed with multiple insulating chambers orf air pockets. This design provides excellent insulation against extreme temperatures, seals tightly to block drafts, and enables better climate control in your home across seasons when properly utilized.

While DIY installation of basic window treatments like curtains or tension rods may seem straightforward, hiring a professional is highly recommended for proper fitting, functionality, and durability of more complex window treatments. Professionals have extensive experience properly measuring, customizing, and installing shades, blinds, and drapes for maximum efficiency and appeal in your unique windows and home style. They can also provide valuable advice on selecting the best seasonal window treatments to meet your specific needs and budget. The small upfront investment is well worth it for years of optimal performance from window treatments adapted to the changing seasons.

Adapting with the Seasons

As the vibrant colors of autumn give way to sparkling snow or renewed spring growth, breathe new life into your home as well with window treatments suited to the present season and climate. Maintain privacy and UV protection year-round while customizing levels of light filtering, insulation, and style. Contact our experts at Incredible Windows to determine the best window treatments to gracefully adapt your home from one season to the next.

Schedule a free in-home consultation with Incredible Windows’ team of experts to identify the perfect window treatments to help your home transition through all of Middleton’s seasons with grace and style. Call (608) 826-7419 today!