Specialty Window Coverings

specialty window coverings option
specialty window coverings option

Uniquely shaped windows demand their own bespoke coverings. Express your personal style with transformative treatments tailored precisely for odd angles, arched openings, circular glass, and specialty bays.

The Art of Precision: Transformative Coverings for Odd Shaped Windows

Covering Odd Shaped Windows - Arches, Angles, Circles and More

Unconventional arched, angular, or circular windows impart unique elegance but bring covering challenges. Whether it’s cellular shades, shutters, or shades, we offer made-to-measure window treatments that highlight these specialty shapes and sizes while regulating light and views. 

With custom encasements tailored to accentuate exact dimensions, we transform the architecture of your distinctive openings to match surrounding décors. Explore the perfect fit for your unique windows.

Specialty Bay, Corner & Bow Windows

Bay, corner, and bowed windows wonderfully widen wallpapered flatness into architectural elements bathed in natural light. Their added dimensions allow expanded seating nooks or decorative spaces. However, their expanses also require curtains or shades tailored to exact sills and corners for coverage, insulation, and staging your picturesque views. We specialize in treatments custom-cut to gracefully showcase your windows’ elegant forms and streaming sunlight.

Explore a range of solutions tailored to fit your unique windows, including sheers, woven wood shades, shutters, wood blinds, and Roman shades. Each option is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows while providing the functionality you need.

French Doors

French doors impart graceful access but require window treatments allowing easy handle clearance while styling the space. We specialize in crafted coverings tailored to adorn the architecture of your exterior entryways and patio vistas without obstructing functionality. Custom cut-outs and sized panels frame doors beautifully while regulating room lighting. Explore the possibilities for accenting your French doors with our diverse range of window treatment options, including cellular shades, shutters, Roman shades, and roller shades. 

Each option is thoughtfully designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your French doors while providing the functionality you need. Discover the perfect fit for your space and elevate the overall design of your home effortlessly.

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Discover unparalleled versatility with our Specialty Shaped Window Coverings

Designed to meet the unique challenges of odd-shaped windows and doors, tailored with precision and an emphasis on detail, our exclusive collection of specialty window treatments provides a sophisticated solution for uniquely shaped spaces. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home with these specially crafted coverings that seamlessly combine style and functionality, offering a refined solution for challenging windows. 

Experience a new level of comfort and elegance as you explore our curated selection, promising a brighter and more stylish living environment. Redefine how you approach specialty windows and doors with the flexible design and exceptional craftsmanship of our specialty-shaped window Coverings, ensuring a perfect fit for your distinctive spaces today.


Discover the ideal fusion of style and flexibility within our specialty shaped window coverings Gallery. Immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection that showcases innovative specialty solutions designed to elevate your living spaces.

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