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Custom Window Treatments for Remodel & New Build Homes

Whether you are remodeling your entire home, one part of your home or you are building a new home, you can update or choose window treatments to suit all of your needs. There are so many different types of window coverings on the market today in blinds, shades, shutters, custom drapery and motorization for your products, it can be very overwhelming.

The good part is that your remodel or new build home is like a blank slate when choosing blinds for a new home. You can choose a new and exciting type of decor for a new build, or you can choose something that fits in with the other rooms in your home for a remodel job. From modern to contemporary, rustic to traditional or any other style you choose for your home, a professional designer consultation can help you to make the best decisions for your distinct situation.

Keep in mind that window treatments should control your light, privacy, as well as protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which in turn will lower your heating and cooling bills by being energy efficient. Window coverings of all types have a big job to do when considering all the tasks they perform for you, while looking beautiful in the process.

Contact us at Incredible Windows for a FREE in-home consultation with a highly experienced designer to learn about all the new and exciting products available on the market today. We are proud to be a Hunter Douglas dealer with the highest quality products and the largest selection you can find in Wisconsin. We look forward to meeting you!


Our Process

Your Initial Consultation

Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation to collaborate on a design for custom window treatments that you'll love.

Approval of the Products

After we've offered you several great options in blinds for new construction or a remodel, you'll choose a product and approve it to be fabricated.

Professional Installation

As soon as your new home window treatments are ready, we return to your home and install them professionally for you.

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Remodeling an existing home or building a new home? Your new home should be all that you want it to be. Planning for every detail makes all the difference in having it the way you want when the project is completed. For the windows to be covered with a beautiful product that helps with light control and energy efficiency, the consumer project should start planning in the early stages.


It’s an exciting time to remodel or build a new home. With all the moving parts and different individuals involved in the process, it’s crucial to plan and research all aspects from the get-go. However, window treatments are often overlooked until the last minute, leading homeowners to settle for less-than-ideal choices.

So, when is the right time to discuss window treatments? The sooner, the better! In fact, it’s best to involve a window treatment provider during the initial planning stages of your new home or renovation project.

At Incredible Windows, our team can help you think about many things you and your family may have not considered, including:

  • Window size and height
  • Window types (double hung, sliding, crank, etc)
  • Window placement
  • Casement details, including depth
  • Budget and preliminary costs 

If a window treatment provider is not included during the planning stage, make sure to consult our team at Incredible Windows before drywall installation. This is crucial because the wiring for hard-wired motorization must be completed during the home’s framing stage. Excluding a window treatment expert often leads to mistakes, as the vast array of product styles, fabrics, colors, and operating mechanisms can be overwhelming. Ultimately, rectifying these errors can result in additional expenses for homeowners.


In today’s world, many homeowners are embracing smart home features while building a new home or undertaking a renovation. For those seeking convenience, energy efficiency, and security, motorized window treatments are an excellent option. Involving a window treatment provider from the outset ensures proper wiring for hardwired shades, eliminating the need for batteries. Moreover, powered shades can easily integrate with most home automation systems.

One of the standout advantages of installing Hunter Douglas smart shades is their compatibility with numerous home automation systems, such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Control 4, Elan, Lutron, and more. This seamless integration makes motorized window treatments an intelligent choice for modern homeowners.


Window treatments should only be ordered once the window casement is fully installed, allowing a certified and qualified window treatment provider to take accurate measurements. Generally, window coverings can be installed within four to six weeks after placing the order. To guarantee a proper fit and installation, it is essential to have a professional window treatment installer handle the job. Additionally, the installer can address any questions and demonstrate how to operate the window treatments effectively.


For homeowners who have never ordered custom window treatments or haven’t done so in a while, the cost of custom options might come as a surprise. However, choosing custom window treatments over those from online or big box stores results in a far superior product and experience. Window treatments are an investment in your home, adding value, enhancing ambiance and style, offering convenience, improving energy efficiency, and providing UV protection—and the price isn’t that far off from those in mid-tier retail stores or online retailers, either.

A window treatment provider can also help navigate challenges with unusual windows and address any installation concerns. High-quality products usually come with a reliable warranty that covers any necessary repairs, an assurance that cannot be matched by big box or online purchases.


Many homeowners may not be aware of the numerous options and factors to consider when selecting window treatments. By working with a professional, each individual’s process will be tailored to their unique needs, taking into account their budget, personal taste, lifestyle, and life stage. A wide variety of styles, fabrics, and options will be presented for consideration, with several questions asked during the process to determine the most suitable choices. Some examples of these questions include:

  • How will the room be used?
  • Can outsiders see into your home from the street or sidewalk?
  • Who will be using each room?
  • Is there a need for light dimming or room darkening?
  • Can the window be easily accessed for manual raising and lowering of blinds?
  • What level of investment is required to acquire the desired options?


A skilled professional like our team at Incredible Windows will assist in sorting through these various factors to help make the best selections. Some homeowners may opt to purchase window treatments in stages, prioritizing areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms first, and completing the remaining windows at a later date—and that’s just fine with us. We’ll be here to help you for years to come.


The Incredible Windows team is dedicated to our customers! We deliver excellent service, prompt communication, expertise, and deliver a quality product and experience. We take the time that the consumer needs to answer questions in order to make wise selections.

Incredible Windows sells only Hunter Douglas products for many reasons. Hunter Douglas provides a high-quality product and outstanding fabrics, styles and lifting systems. The warranty is exceptional as well as the customer service at Hunter Douglas with Incredible Windows.

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