Lovely Home in the Verona Countryside

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It is rewarding when a customer from five years ago calls to ask for your help with window treatments in their lovely new home! That is exactly what happened with this new home constructed by Willy Keuler of Keuler Construction.

Since this is their second new home, the customers had a good idea of what they wanted in the home. Duette PowerView! Duette is the perfect answer for large windows, small windows, doors, and specialty-shaped windows. Light control, energy efficiency, and stylish, high-performance fabrics make it an easy choice. The kitchen window is the only window in the home with a different product. In the first home, Abby selected an Alustra Woven Textures Roman fabric and hoped it was still available. Yeah! It was still available for the kitchen window. This is an excellent choice for a kitchen window, just in case something gets on the blind. Just a damp cloth will remove most splatters. Using water on Duette fabrics could cause an unwanted watermark. The best method to clean a spot off of a Duette fabric would be a baby wipe.

The simple elegance of this home is stunning. The Duettes fade away to the top of the window, yet, when lowered, the fabric enhances the space. The Alustra fabric in the kitchen also adds to the elegance.

Is there a 3rd home in your future? If so, I would love to help you with the next one, too