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Installing blinds in a barn that was originally constructed in the late 1800s is something that the Incredible Windows team doesn’t get to do very often. It was an honor to be a part of the team that has been invited to help with maintaining the integrity of the barn while updating it to the 21st Century.

The barn has many original hand-hewn beams and braces supporting the walls and ceiling. While stunning, the tall windows allow for light, heat, and cold to enter the barn making it quite bright. Dependent upon the season, it could also be very cold or very warm. The barn is no longer used to store cattle, hay, or machinery. It is now used as a wonderful living space for the family to enjoy time together or to entertain guests.

The tall windows and beams and braces made for an interesting installation. The customer selected a 3% Designer Screen Shade PowerView for the windows. The windows were hard-wired so that the customer does not have to climb to the top of the window to change batteries. The 3% Screen Shade does allow some light to flow into the building while still providing enough of a sun screen to make a huge impact. The high windows could only be reached with a scaffolding. Because of the beams and braces, the scaffolding had to be erected, disassembled, and moved for each section of the installation. The scaffolding was simply too high to move about the barn because of the beams that span the width of the building.

Dawson Loether’s great skill and agility helped to make the installation go smoothly. While it took from sunrise to sunset, the installation was accomplished. The barn owners are pleased with the end result and so is the Incredible Windows team!