Arched windows are a hallmark of contemporary and modern home design. Their unique shape gives any space an airy, elegant, welcoming feel. Dressing these statement windows in blinds that align with their stylish aesthetic is key. The right window treatments will complement the windows and your home’s décor. Below, we dive into the best blind options to create an elegant, modern look for your arched windows.

Custom Blinds Are a Must

Custom-made blinds are one of the best options for arched windows. Since arched windows come in so many sizes, getting blinds made to measure ensures a perfect fit. Tailor-fitted blinds also allow you to select the ideal colors, materials, and designs to match your home. Custom provides the most elegant, flawless-looking option for arched windows.

Best Blind Options for Elegant, Modern Arched Windows

Chic Fabrics Like Linen and Faux Wood

Consider clean-lined materials like linen, faux wood, and fabric when selecting custom blinds. Linen blinds in natural hues add texture and warmth. Faux wood blinds come in slim modern slats that complement arched windows beautifully. Opt for a lightly textured wood grain finish that coordinates with your room. Cotton, polyester, or velvet in solids or subtle patterns work well for fabric. Avoid heavily patterned fabrics, which can compete with the arched shape.

Best Blind Options for Elegant, Modern Arched Windows

Soft, Graceful Arched Blind Shapes

Arched window blinds come in hard or soft arches. Soft, rounded arches align better with the graceful curves of arched windows. For a seamless look, match the arch shape of the blinds to the exact arch shape of your windows. Graceful, softened arches give off an elegant, polished vibe.

Sleek Cords and Motorization

When selecting custom arched blinds, look for top-notch quality motors, controls, and cords. High-end motors and remote control options will ensure your blinds open and close smoothly. Nearly invisible cords help maintain a streamlined look. For a modern, uninterrupted look, choose motorized cordless blinds.

Sheer Blinds Filter Light

Sheer blinds are an excellent choice to filter light while maintaining visibility and an airy feel. Light-filtering sheer fabrics come in linen, silk, and other natural fibers, perfectly complementing arched windows. Opt for layered sheer for added coverage, and blackout blinds in complementing tones for privacy.

Metal Blinds Bring Modern Drama

For contemporary drama, aluminum and other metal blinds make a bold style statement. Go for narrow, sleek slats in metals like aluminum, steel, copper, or bronze. Choose side channels that match the metal for a cohesive, elevated look.

Best Blind Options for Elegant, Modern Arched Windows

FAQs About Blinds for Arched Windows

1. What materials work best for elegant arched window blinds?

Linen, silk, or cotton blinds in neutral solids like ivory, light gray, or tan create an elegant look. Faux wood blinds with a cherry, maple, or oak 2-inch slat and lightly textured wood grain finish complement arched windows nicely.

2. Should I get soft or hard-arched blinds?

Soft, rounded, arched blinds with curvature ranging from 30 to 50 degrees mirror the curve of arched windows best for a seamless, built-in appearance. Hard, 90-degree angled blinds tend to look mismatched against arched windows.

3. How do I make sure arched blinds block light properly?

Layering a room-darkening blackout blind behind light filtering sheer in matching tones blocks 100% of incoming light. Adding brushed aluminum side channels also prevents light leakage around the edges.

Elegant, Sophisticated Arch Window Blinds

Arched windows demand window treatments with equal elegance and style. You can easily create a polished, modern look with custom-fit soft-arched blinds in quality materials like faux wood, linen, metal, or velvet. Layer sheer and blackout blinds for the ultimate in functionality and visual appeal. Quality custom blinds are the best choice for beautifully dressed arched windows that stand out while complementing your home’s décor.

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