Extend your usable space on your porch for outdoor living in comfort with outdoor blinds. Window blinds for porch windows work very well for privacy, blocking the sun, and they add beautiful aesthetics to your home. They enable you to use your outdoor areas all year round in a comfortable area that is an extension of your home for relaxing and entertaining.

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Benefits of Exterior Window Treatments

There are several good reasons to enlist exterior window treatments for your home.


If you have a porch, patio or deck that is visible to neighbors or from the street, then privacy can be a concern. Exterior window treatments block the view of others when you have them closed to give you complete privacy.

Sun Protection

The hot sunlight’s UV rays cause damage to your outdoor furniture by fading them, causing the fabric to become thin and enabling tearing easily. Outside elements can also cause damage by hail, snow, rain, and wind. If you have outdoor window treatments and you close them when you are outside, it blocks all of these items from being damaged by continuous exposure while giving you sun protection.

Cooling Shade

In the warmer months, when you open your outdoor window treatments, it gives you cooling shade on your porch to give you comfort and an enjoyable area. Choosing exterior blinds can help with this even more because you can tilt the vanes open to have filtered light and also catch any available breeze. As an added benefit, your potted plants on your porch can have respite from the hot sun in the warmest part of the day.

Improving Aesthetics

Outdoor shades and blinds can also improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your home by adding style to it for a polished appearance.

How To Choose Outdoor Blinds and Shades

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Several factors go into choosing the best outdoor products for your particular situation. Outdoor products are available in many different sizes, colors and styles. Outdoor shades and blinds require a very short amount of installation so you can use them immediately. Choose a product that requires little cleaning for worry-free use.

Determine Your Usage

If your main objective in outdoor blinds and shades is to have privacy, then you need to choose a product that will give you good coverage and in a material that people can’t see through. If you’re more concerned with blocking out the sun and heat, then your options don’t need to block out all views, and they can be more opaque. If you live near the shore of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior, you may need to remember that wind can also be a factor to address.

Style and Design

Match your exterior blinds and shades to the style of your home. For traditional houses, choose traditional shades and blinds and for modern homes, choose contemporary products to match your home’s exterior. For convenience, choose products such as motorized blinds to open and close your items at the touch of a button.

Quality and Durability

Be sure to go with high-quality products since they will be outside and encounter the natural elements. Also, make sure the items you choose are tested for outdoor use and durability. They should be weather resistant and have UV resistance as well.


Outdoor window treatments should be made of metal, faux wood or plastic to brave the weather and be long-lasting.

Popular Window Treatment Options for Your Porch

Most porches, decks, and patios require some kind of window treatment to provide shade and privacy. Window treatments can range from simple drapes to elaborate shutters or shades. Depending on the desired look and level of protection needed, there are many options for homeowners when it comes to choosing a window treatment for their porch. Here are some of the most popular window treatment options.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are a popular choice for shading your patio. Roller shades are made from a simple design, and they are highly customizable too. Choose from a huge amount of vinyl fabrics with many patterns, colors and themes for your own creation in customization. These are a great choice for windy areas to block the wind from your entertainment areas.

Solar Shades

Solar shades reduce the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat, and glare. They work well in windy areas, and you can choose many different opacities depending on your privacy and sun control needs. They rank high in energy efficiency while blocking heat and sunlight from your windows.

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds are a good choice because you can open them to see outside or close them to block the sun and give you privacy. You have more light control with blinds because you can tilt the vanes to any angle to take advantage of a breeze of fresh air and to have filtered lighting on your patio.

PVC blinds

PVC blinds are a good choice because they won’t rust outside, and you can open or close them or tilt the vanes as a regular household blind to control your lighting, privacy and block out wind and rain. However, PVC blinds are not as good as some other choices for blocking the sun, but their durability is unsurpassed. Choosing a texture on your PVC blinds will add dimension to your porch.

Elevating Your Porch Experience with Thoughtfully Selected Window Blinds

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You have several great choices when it comes to choosing outdoor blinds and shades for your porch. They give you lighting control, and privacy and block wind, rain and hot sunlight from your outside areas. Make certain you choose high-quality products which will be long-lasting for many years. 

Incredible Windows offers expert advice from our professional staff to help guide you in finding the perfect blinds for your porch. For those looking for a modern look with maximum light control, roller shades may be worth considering. So don’t delay. Reach out to us today and schedule a free consultation! Let us help you bring the best out of your porch with high-quality window blinds.