If you’re considering motorized blinds for your home, Hunter Douglas should be at the top of your list. As one of the leading manufacturers of window treatments, Hunter Douglas motorized blinds feature incredible design, functionality, and innovation. Read on to learn the top 7 benefits of Hunter Douglas motorized blinds.

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Easy, Convenient Control

One of the biggest advantages of Hunter Douglas motorized blinds is the easy, convenient control options. Hunter Douglas offers several motorization systems to best suit your needs:

PowerView Motorization

PowerView blinds can be controlled right from your smartphone or tablet via the PowerView app. Adjust all your blinds with the touch of a button, create schedules, set scenes, and control blinds even when you’re away from home.

PowerView Hub

The PowerView Hub allows you to control your blinds and shades using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant voice commands, or the PowerView app. Enjoy hands-free convenience.

PlatinumTM App Control

With PlatinumTM technology, you can operate your shades using the PlatinumTM app on your smart device or through integration with smart home systems.

No matter which control system you choose, Hunter Douglas motorized blinds make controlling your window treatments easy and convenient.

Optimized Light Filtering and Privacy

Hunter Douglas blinds aren’t just stylish; they’re highly functional for managing light and ensuring privacy in your home.

Built-in light filtering properties and opacity options allow you to control the exact amount of light let into a room. Lower blinds to dim a space or raise them to let abundant light shine through.

You can also preset and program privacy and light-filtering settings to adjust automatically throughout the day. Keep your blinds raised during the afternoon for daylighting, then lower them in the evening for privacy.

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

By controlling light with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, you can reduce reliance on artificial lighting and HVAC during days when natural daylight is sufficient or when windows allow heat or cold outdoor air into a space.

Many Hunter Douglas styles also offer insulation and UV protection. Some window treatments can block up to 95% UV rays to protect furniture and flooring from sun damage. Several fabrics and materials also provide an added barrier between windows and indoor spaces to control heat flow.

High-Quality Materials and Designs

As a leader in window treatments, Hunter Douglas is renowned for their premium materials and customizable designs:

  • Custom fabrics – Choose from a spectacular array of colors, patterns, textures, and opacities.
  • Wood and faux wood blinds – Beautiful wood tones to match any decor.
  • Aluminum blinds – Sleek, modern style.
  • Roman, roller, panel tracks – Styles to suit any room.
  • Light filtering or blackout – Materials ranging from translucent sheers to 100% light-blocking.

With abundant design options and specialty light-filtering fabrics, Hunter Douglas motorized blinds add beauty and functionality anywhere.

Safety Features for Homes with Children/Pets

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds include a wealth of innovative safety features to ensure safe functionality in homes with kids and pets, including:

  • Pinch-proof mechanisms
  • Obstacle detection that triggers auto-reverse
  • Tamper-resistant components
  • Out-of-reach operating controls
  • Low-voltage power units

You can have peace of mind knowing your pet won’t get tangled in cords or your child won’t get injured by moving parts. Safety is a priority with all Hunter Douglas automated blinds.

Long Lifespans with Durability

As with all Hunter Douglas products, PowerView motorized blinds are meticulously engineered for remarkable durability and longevity.

Constructed from only top-tier sound-absorbing metals and composites, they’re designed to function maintenance-free with consistent use for years.

Hunter Douglas offers one of the most extensive warranties in the custom window treatment industry. Many motorized blinds feature lifetime guarantees for motors, components, and key parts, outperforming competitor warranties.

Automation Features

In addition to individual and group control capacities, Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds sync with smart home devices and security systems and include automation features like:

  • Scheduling – Set blinds to operate at certain times/days.
  • Geofencing – Blinds activate based on your location.
  • Automate with occupied/unoccupied room settings.
  • Interface with home security systems.
  • Automate based on sunrise/sunset.
  • Control blinds remotely while away.

Make your window treatments work for you with PowerView automation.



PowerView Hub

PlatinumTM App Control

App Control

Alexa Integration

Google Assistant Integration

Automation Capable

Lifetime Warranty


FAQs about Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

Motorization is available on a wide variety of Hunter Douglas blinds, including wood blinds, faux woods, aluminum blinds, panel tracks, and more. They offer abundant colors, patterns, and textures from sheers to blackouts.

Most Hunter Douglas blinds just need an occasional dusting. Clean with a soft duster or vacuum lightly with a soft brush attachment. Only spot clean fabrics gently with water and mild soap. Check specific instructions per product.

Hunter Douglas blinds can be installed effectively in any room where controlling light, heat, or privacy is important – bedrooms, home offices, living spaces, dining areas, media rooms, bathrooms, and more. Only wet locations like saunas should be avoided.

Elevate Your Home with Hunter Douglas PowerView Blinds

hunter douglas wood blinds

Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds offer unparalleled quality, safety, energy savings, convenience, and beauty. With abundant special features optimized for motorization, PowerView blinds are truly state-of-the-art.

Contact Incredible Windows today for a complimentary design consultation, estimate, and provider referral for Hunter Douglas motorized blinds. Upgrade your home today.

So, if you’re considering automated window treatments, be sure to choose the innovative leader – Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds. Enjoy effortless control, dynamic light filtering, and beautiful window design with PowerView motorization. Your home will thank you!